Born on the Caribbean island of Dominica, Greg Bannis is known internationally as EX Hot Chocolate Lead Singer, toured the world, including Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and all over Europe with the band Hot Chocolate. One of his many impressive highlights was playing in front of 120,000 people one night at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

After Errol Brown left the band, he became Hot Chocolate's new lead vocal and stayed with the band for 18 years as the lead singer.
Greg actively performs at festivals, corporate events, TV shows and concerts all over Europe as HOT CHOCOLATE EXPERIENCE feat. Greg Bannis (EX Hot Chocolate lead singer).

Greg's fantastic personality and his energy on stage make for an exhilarating experience for the audience and get people dancing every concert as he opens his jukebox of hits.... You Sexy Thing, It Started With A Kiss, Girl Crazy, So You Win Again, Every 1's A Winner and Emma..

They are all featured in this fantastic show!

Watch the medley : 

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