Fakeba, an intense voice with precious textures, that emerges from the heart of Africa and that will flying out around the planet with the power of Electronic Music. Fakeba sings in his language, the Wolof, language of Senegal bathed in sea, jungles and deserts. From there Fakeba extracts his strength and his spirituality.


Mother, songwriter, singer, music promoter and founder of the ElectriKa Festival in Dakar (Senegal) and ambassador of Roland Instruments for the entire African continent, she is Fakeba, or what is the same, the artist they all call: "The Queen of Africa".
With every step she takes, with every letter she writes, with every note she sings, Fakeba, reaffirms her efforts to strengthen the strength of Africa and its people through electronic music sound . Fakeba has an intense voice of precious textures, with which she transmits her lyrics full of messages and history. Fakeba sings in Wolof, the language of Senegal.
Empowered, fighter and committed to the African people, her music is full of cultural references; electronic beats and electro-tech-pop bases with darky touches of new-wave, with industrial influences and pointing to the best league of Bands and Electronic Music Artists around the wolrd.
With this sound, its musical identity, Fakeba sings loudly, bravely, freely, with her soul. Inspired by its existence and dazzling those who hear it.
Fakeba is The Queen of Africa. Fakeba is Senegal in the 21st Century.

Fakeba is working with John Fryer ( Producer of Depeche Mode , Nine Inch Nails ) on a new album with collaborations of international artists.... soon more news !

Listen to Fakeba : Mother Africa : https://youtu.be/psnOu4Etifw

                               Dakar : https://youtu.be/r5PkM6EW3d8