Lavvi Ebbel is a Belgian funk rock band from the eighties of the twentieth century, with Luckas Vander Taelen as the most famous member.

Their best-known hits are Give Me a Gun and Victoria. Many people are also familiar with the song No Place To Go, due to its release on the Belpop compilation LP Get Sprouts. 

After two years, the band disbanded. In 2013, the group reunited. 

 They released the new remix single Victoria (Buscemi remix) and released a compilation on vinyl.


Luckas Vander Taelen (vocals)

Kristien D'Haeger (vocals)

Chris Van Ransbeeck (guitar)

Marc De Wit (guitar)

Bea van Ransbeeck (keyboards)


Erik De Wit (drums)

Jan Weuts (trumpet)

Erik Michiels (sax)